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Residing In: Manteca, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Warren Wootton
Occupation: Retired, Department of Corrections, Program Mgr.
Children: Douglas 1964, Bryan 1968, Andrew 1971. Gary, Robert & Marlene, my awesome stepchildren I inherited More…in 1972, Sheri & Kimberly adopted 1974, Katrina adopted 1979, John & Robert adopted 1984 & Jeff my awesome stepson acquired in 2008.

I married Mel. 7 years and 3 sons later divorced and married Dennis. We had a wonderful life with 6 kids between us, we decided to adopt 5 more older kids. I lost my precious Dennis to cancer in 2006.. I attended Community Hospice bereavement support counseling for loss of spouse. (I can't say enough about Hospice). Sitting right next to me was Warren, a kind, gentle man who had also lost his spouse. 2 years later we married. With 12 kids between us, we travel to visit kids with lots of grand kids and great grand kids all over the U.S. & we cruise. Life is precious and good!

School Story:

I loved going to CK. My favorite teachers were the home Ec. Teachers. I wanted to be a Home Ec. Teacher like Mrs. Jorgensen. She was so nice and taught me a lot about not only home ec. But also childhood growth and development. Later at college when I was doing student teaching, I thought about Mrs. Jorgensen and applied what she had taught me. Mrs. Combs was also a favorite teacher, I really appreciated her. Mr. Morgan, our class sponsor and our History teacher was really "cool". I learned a lot about history, but what stuck with me was his caring for all his students and his love of football. I felt I learned more about football in that class!! Mr. Adamson, the math teacher really scared me because he used to throw chalk board erasers at people if they were not paying attention, I almost ran out of the classroom one day because he was throwing and yelling, and I wasn't used to that coming from an adult we were supposed to respect.
Great memories are:
Football games, the dances after the games, having lunch across the
street, hamburgers down the street and driving my little Metro. (Wish I still had that car). Soon realized I wasn't serious enough for college, i didn't agree with the school where I was doing my student teaching because they didn't want to show any comfort to the pre- schoolers and that made me really sad. (guess that's why I adopted kids later). I quit college, (I was almost through) and went to work for the state part time for about 10 years until my kids were in school, then full time.

Special Things You've Done:

My son has a part ownership of a lodge in the Alaskan wilderness. I was honored to be the chef for 5 weeks one summer during the king salmon fishing season and I loved it. Flew into Anchorage, then flew to Dillingham, AK, We then took 4- 21 ft outboards across Bristol bay and up the Nushagak River about 80 miles to the lodge. Up at 4:30am, cooked breakfast for our clients, made lunches and packed the boat. Once they were gone! I had day to myself, exploring, fishing off our pier, and reading. Snacks ready by 4:00pm, dinner at 6:00 and I was in bed by 7:00. It was kind of hard to sleep during daylight, but by then I was pooped. I loved using the CB radio to a contact in Dillingham to place a food order, then waiting for the bush plane radio me when he was to deliver. We had to jump in a jet boat and race up river about 8 miles to the landing strip in Ekwok, to beat the natives who would show up on the dirt landing strip hoping I would miss the delivery and they would steal my groceries!! The Guides would radio in every few hours; one even ran out of gas, he called "MAMA, I ran out of gas. I told him, hey you're a big boy, figure it out" Later a native took his boat down river to tell me everyone at the little store (really a shack) were listening and thought I was so funny.......I caught a lot of 30+ lb. King salmon, brought home 100 lbs of Sockeye and King salmon for my freezer. . I loved being out in the tundra. ( We packed a bear gun in a fanny pack), and sometimes ran into a moose or two. We raced a moose in our boat as it ran alongside the river bank. They are a beautiful to watch. We watched bald eagles feeding their young, and a few wolves. Wow, they are beautiful!!!

Favorite Vacation Spot(s):

I would have to say Alaska. Once with my son Bryan at his lodge and once with Warren on a cruise.

We loved the Panama Canal cruise too!! It was really hot. At the start of our cruise I broke off a cap on my front tooth and had to be taken to a dentist in Mexico. Wow, what an experience. The ship's Dr. assured me I would be safe and it was a really good dentist. The Port Authority officer escorted me off the ship and into a car and locked the doors. People were staring at me, I'm sure they thought I was being arrested!! The dentist was in the worst part of Mexico I have ever seen. These parts are not shown on travel brochures!! Wonder why??? I got my tooth fixed for $50.00 and the cab driver brought me back to the ship. (I just knew I would end up a statistic in Mexico, but I came back all intact). Now I just laugh about it, but it was a scarey yet exciting experience. I missed swimming with the dolphins that day.

Favorite Book(s):

I read everything!

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Happy Birthday, hope your day is filled with Blessings and Love

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Happy Birthday Juanita!

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Happy upcoming Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Vicki,

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Happy Birthday Jim. Praying your birthday is full of blessings and love.

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Happy Birthday Susan!

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Happy Birthday Jim. Hope your day is full of Blessings and Love.

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Another birthday? 75. Wow, we are getting up there, haven’t heard from you, so we want to wish you a happy special birthday full of blessings and love. Give Betty our best too!! {{{HUGS}}}

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Here's a class picture from Sutterville School, 1953. Most of the kids in the picture went on to Graduate from McClatchy.
L to R, Top to Bottom: Nancy Tieberg, Barry Koyama, Jean Taylor, Laverne Welge, Pattie Hopkins, Wickie ?, Diane Taylor, Art Huntley, unknown, Sandra johnson, unknown, Mary Beth Murphy, Barbera Stivers (I think), Johan Otto, Donna Johnson, Craig Estes, Cindy Combrink, Bonnie Olson, Laurie Herron, Lenard Parker, Jim Brady, Diane Curd, Gary Hunter, unknown, Tim thompson, unknown, Tom Relles, unknown, Art Carlson, Sharon Roark, unknown, Kathy Selzle, Bill 'Corky' Long, Mike McGarry, John McKibbon, Chuckie Barham.

I made some additions. Thanks to Nancy Tieberg. Art
Sep 09, 2018 at 8:26 AM

Happy Birthday Diane hope you have an awesome day!

Feb 12, 2018 at 6:44 AM

Happy Birthday Jim - May your day be filled with Blessings and Love! Hope everything is going good for you and Betty. You are one of the kindest people I ever met. {{{HUGS}}}

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Mary, I am saddened to hear of  your passing.  You were always such a kind and nice person to me.   I always admired your poise and confidence.   Rest In Peace.   Ellen Utter Lee-Wootton 




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