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April, 2009

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05/08/12 06:11 PM #1    

Jonathan Brosin

A BRILLIANT guy.  At times my best friend.  At times a pain in the ass.   He had a full and exciting life.

05/10/12 07:15 AM #2    

Adelle Wood

Eric was always thought-provoking even when he was a pain in the ass.  Those of us who went to Joaquin Miller Jr. High may remember his newspaper, "The Daily Shirker".  Definitely ahead of most of the rest of us, and I am truly sorry not to be seeing him at the reunion.

05/12/12 02:50 PM #3    

Patricia Wong

In August of 2008, my husband and I were in Santa Fe on holiday.  I called Eric out of the blue, not having seen him in 36 years and finding his name in the phone book.  Eric was a wonderful host, showing us an insider's Santa Fe where he lived for 30+ years and covering some details of his diverse life.  He told me he had many fond memories of Sacramento, pulling out his Joaquin Miller and McClatchy High School year books and asking about many of his classmates.  Behind that edgy sense of humor and intense intellect, he had a warm, sentimental heart.  Several months later, he died of a sudden, massive heart attack.  Eric..."we hardly knew ye..."

05/12/12 11:58 PM #4    

Daniel zz_BERMAN

I remember Eric as one of the smartest people I have ever met. After about six months of class, he spoke Russian like a Russian. Warm, funny, wonderful guy!

Dan Berman


06/04/12 01:39 PM #5    

Dennis Delrogh

How I miss you, my continued best friend!!  Alex and Aaron, at various times, look just like you.  Kimmie's doing fine with them.

Eric’s Mom Doris with some hangers-on at his memorial party

08/17/12 12:46 PM #6    

David Shookhoff

Eric was indeed one of the smartest people I've known.  Brilliant, restless, undisciplined, difficult, he did and saw more in one too brief lifetime than many of us put together.  He and I saw each other about once a decade and picked up our conversations right where we'd left off.  Typical Eric story: Holiday time one year, he had his wife, Kim -- whom I'd never met -- call from their car an hour outside New York, insisting that the three Treismans (Eric, Kim, and toddler son) absolutely had to crash with us; they had no place else to stay.   Truly one of a kind.  I think of him often. 

09/12/12 12:06 PM #7    

Sybil zz_WASSERMAN (Kohn)

In those years you went to the Buddhist Temple in Santa Fe did you ever believe in anything besides the here and now.  I remember you wouldn't discusss it with me.  But  you played a large part in my not so earthly beliefs. 

Imagine - My father died when I was eight and my sister six.  It was his second marriage to a younger woman. He died suddenly at age 64.  Then the universe placed me in a seat next to you at Joaquin Miller  - all the way across the country from Brooklyn.  You reminded me of my father - me always thinking if I knew you better I'd know more about my father.  In my dreams you became blended with my father.  We seemed to know each other quite apart from all the frustration with communication especially the Valentine card you drew with a devil.

And so, you both had the same destiny.  You died suddenly at 64 with two young children.  And so the universe was actually kind in showing me that we are players in a script;  that no matter how much i ever wished that life could have been changed it couldn't have been. 

  I hope that your children find solace, meaning and love.   May all the unexpressed love fill the spaces of their lives lifting their hearts and souls with boundless bouancy.

Faithful and everlasting love, Sybil





07/09/17 03:43 PM #8    

Dennis Delrogh

07/10/17 06:40 AM #9    

Lewis Abramson

Eric was the the only person in H.S. to have his own Apt. Which, not coincidentally, meant parties. So, naturally, we became good buds. In the summer of '62 etc invited me to visit in NJ where he, his mom and sisters were spending the summer. I Greyhounded to NYC where Eric met me and we bussed to Fairlawn, NJ. We had some adventures in NYC. I recall us meeting an old Haitian woman and that Eric conversed with her in French. That Fall Eric went to Dartmouth (on a full scholarship). We stayed in touch and got together in the dinners. One summer I was working at the Libby's cannery. Eric showed up, said "let's go to Mexico". I quit the job and we went to Ensenada.
I visited him on the Navajo reservation twice (he, of course, spoke Navaho). In Santa Dr in 1979, we hiked up a small mountain. Eric had his young son Zach, on his shoulders. I last saw my friend in 2007 when we met at Fat City for dinner. Having been out of touch for a couple years I learned of his death, with surprise and sorrow, in 2010. Oh, the stories I could tell!

08/27/21 11:05 AM #10    

Thomas Durbrow

Eric was one of the smartest people I ever met.  He could learn anything with seemingly effortless ease.  So very sad to see him go so early in life. - Tom Durbrow




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