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Elisabeth Huson
Residing In: Grass Valley, CA, CA USA
Occupation: retired
Children: I have three children; Heidi Anne (Ott), mother of Adam and Asher, Nancy Jean-Marie (Ott), mother More…of Stone and Carly,and Robert Emmett (Thornhill)
Yes! Attending Reunion

I sincerely hope I can make it to the up and coming reunion this year, 2017. It's hard to believe it's been 55 years! I would love to see some of the young faces of the people who were such a large part of my growing up in the old-golden & beautiful days in Sacramento. Diane Salas (Barnett) was my best friend and was an avid diarist too. After walking home from school together each day to her house we'd avidly sit & write all about everything from our thoughts to our experiences...We wrote about our classes & grades, who did what, what we wore, who said what, all about boyfriends, dances, parties, and all the extra curricular activities like summers at Lake Tahoe, camping out on the deck at Robin Schoff's parent's cabin there, water skiing down the Sacramento River, sorority meetings, the Friday night frat dances at the Governor's Hall etc. I recently found mine from each year of high school, ('60, '61, & '62!) I read through them all that afternoon. It was like stepping into a time capsule. All the t's crossed, all the i's dotted and then some. I couldn't believe how descriptive they were and some of the stories told that could make a young girl blush! .Compared to today's world though we were good, kind & innocent in many ways. So many little things that had long been forgotten came to life again that day. I'm glad I found them. As the saying goes: "Thanks for the memories."

School Story:

Some of the best times were summers at Lake Tahoe hanging with my girlfriends. There were some great times and there were some broken hearts over "the boys." To mind comes: Diane Salas, Stephanie Wilde, Jan Flynn, Leslie Leggett, Robin Schoff, Nancy Werder, Bonnie Barnes, Toosje Maaskant, Joyce Arnold, Carole Canupp, Barbara Coulson, Bev Jones, Nancy Tieburg and ... Stephanie's house was the spot for the pool parties. Going to Vic's Ice Cream Parlor was the place for lunch and sundaes. remember the soda concoction called a "Suicide?" Vic's was the central meeting place for gossip, fashion, and "the boys!" :) It seems like every other Friday night there was a frat dance at Governor's Hall at the old State Fair grounds on Stockton Blvd. Sponsored by a different fraternity or sorority with "catchy" themes each time, but the music was always by Sac's own, The Bill Rase Band or Orchestra. They were pretty big dances I recall, but dress was casual. I wish to give a big shout-out to my Ayudante sisters. The end of summer ritual was to be able to go the the Calif. State Fair at night without the parents! That was big at that time, even though they picked us up. Of course that was the place to meet up with... "the boys." I say that in jest because we were teenage girls growing up in a time of nostalgic innocence in what seemed to be a small town. So very different from today. Now, as I digress and write of these memories, I find there seems to be little to no history about those social clubs like KT, Ayudante, Manana, 36 or Homme Rase' and a few more I forget. They'd been a part of Sac and McClatchy tradition since the 1930's. Looking back they seem to have been a bit elite, and I suppose they were, because that's why they were banned a few years after graduation, but to some of us they were all about our socialization, friends, and fun before serious college. My friends would never cut school or get bad grades. We wanted to be at school every day! It was what it was, C. K. McClatchy High .. a great place to grow up!

Favorite Vacation Spot(s):

I'd have to say the Hawaiian Islands, France, the Pacific Northwest, and the four corners region. My passions are wildlife and natural photography and genealogy.

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Mary was pretty, smart and a sweetheart, rest in peace.

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