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Below is an article that was issued after Barbara Matsui passed. She was a beautiful woman with the voice of an angel. .... She passed away at a very young age. After seeing there was no date known of her death I had to look up the story and wanted to share it. This was by Mayor Anne Rudin......

Vicki Ferris


- RESOLUTION No. 87--904
Adopted by The Sacramento City Council on date of
October 27, 1987
IT IS HEREBY NOTED that the people of the City suffered a great
loss in the passing of Barbara T. Matsui on the 15th day of October,
1987 at the age of 43 in Sacramento, California; and
WHEREAS, Barbara T. Matsui was a lifelong and respected member
of the Sacramento community whose exemplary efforts and
accomplishments were of great value to the citizens and the City
of Sacramento; and
WHEREAS, Barbara T. Matsui's career included teaching at American
Legion High School, Albert Einstein Junior High School, Sacramento
High School and Luther Burbank High School, where she became a
counselor in 1974; and `
WHEREAS, Barbara T. Matsui was affiliated with the Sacramento
Japanese Methodist Youth Fellowship, Sacramento Teachers'
Association, and was also a supporter of the Sacramento Symphony
and Sacramento Animal Shelter; and
WHEREAS, Barbara T. Matsui was an exceptional person who touched
the lives of many and who will be deeply missed, by all who came
to know her; and
WHEREAS, this Council believes it proper that its minutes and the
official records of the City recognize the passing of Barbara T.
Matsui and so, has caused this Resolution to be prepared;
be entered with the minutes of this meeting, in addition to which,
this meeting shall be adjourned in respect for the memory of Barbara
T. Matsui.
AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a suitable copy of this Resolution
be tendered to Barbara T. Matsui's bereaved family, as an expression
of this Council's deepest sympathy.
CC, 21 19al


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05/13/12 09:46 PM #1    

Patricia Wong

Barbara had an absolutely gorgeous, velvetty voice and sunny personality.  She sang at our talent shows and at the senior dinner.  Many might not remember that she was legally blind because she did not receive adequate medical treatment  when her family was removed to a relocation camp during WWII.  I believe she graduated from college and become a school teacher despite her disabilities.  A truly inspirational individual...

05/16/12 11:29 AM #2    

Penelope Sutter (DE Paoli)

A heavenly voice indeed.  I had no idea why she had lost her sight.  She simply glowed with kindness and sunshine.

09/12/12 10:15 AM #3    

Sybil zz_WASSERMAN (Kohn)

Barbara, remember how we caught the bus together in the eight grade.  You were a wonderful gal and a good friend.  Just last year I was reaacquainted with your memory when the science teacher at my grandkids school talked about the time when your brother was best man at her relative's wedding.  Thinking of you brings warmth to my heart.  Love always, Sybil

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